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"what is the design philosophy of your website?"

someone on the yesterweb forum asked this and i thought it'd be a good thing to put on the website iteslf somewhere! i did a good think about it :)

my website is first & foremost for myself rather for anyone else, because i'm not a professional and this is at best a kind of tertiary hobby for me haha. i'm also probably the only person that regularly visits the website, so i might as well make it enjoyable for myself!

that being said, i try to at least keep things readable. but i want my site to be full of things i like & that make me happy to look at! otherwise i wouldn't want to work on it at all, it'd be too boring! :')

so it has things like, a javascript cursor sparkle trail i found online & added (i don't know any javascript myself haha), no central CSS document and instead CSS varies dramatically by page, a lot of half-finished pages and simple half-working layouts...

i even have a page specifically for abandoned projects (a "project graveyard" page), just because i know the kind of person i am! that way, abandoning a project doesn't feel like a failure so much as "oh well, now the project graveyard page won't feel so empty!"...!

if it was something i wanted to take more seriously i'd definitely have a very different approach. even my comics website is a lot more formal, despite being mostly in comic sans-- it was built with jekyll and has consistent styling across every page, at least, and better navigation! but my personal website is my space to put whatever i want, so i don't want to bother with that kind of stuff.

site compatability:

i can promise my website will always be at least basically functional on firefox on a windows desktop. and i will not promise anything more than that because that's all i can be bothered to or have the ability to test lmao

if you're lucky i'll go into the inspect element menu thing and check it on a couple mobile layouts real quick... but half the time im like "aw, that doesn't look great.. oh well!"

about the owner of this website:

well, besides what's already on the main page of this site, i'm not really sure what else to say! i'm a young adult living with my partner, a cat, and a cornsnake, and i sell art supplies for a living at the moment. my main hobby that's stayed consistant over the years has been drawing pokemon... besides that, things tend to come and go!

this website is kind of boring, a work-in-progress, and has a lot of half-finished pages or dumb content... and that's all because it's a reflection of me, who is also all of those things! ^__^ wahoo