creatures! by trashguts

a small tabby kitten-like creature with a muppety mouth an orange tabby cat-like creature with a strange toothy mouth a bipedal grey rodent-like creature with a light cream mane a small red panda or fox-like creature with blue fire accents a large red panda-like creature with blue fire accents a soft pink bipedal creature with droopy ears and nubby horns a groundhog-like creature that appears scared of its spooky shadowy tail a small black bird creature with a long whispy crest and a simplistic white mask for a face a black bird-like creature with a crest resembling a witch's hat and a white mask embedded in its chest. a tardigrade-like creature with piggy coloration; it has a cartoony pig-like face with no eyes and six nubby legs.

still trying to figure out how i want to organize these: i want each creature to have their own "space" where i can put more art & info about them, but making a page for each creature will get unwieldy fast when my main design philosophy for this website is "as K.I.S.S. as possible!" at the same time, putting all that info on just one page can get pretty complicated too. maybe i'll try and find a javascript or web design textbook and see if it has anything that inspires me!

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