Goblin Week

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as a resident of goblin.camp i feel obligated to participate, and i've actually been having a TON of fun with it even though i started a day late! all of my goblins are being drawn in chickensmoothie's oekaki program.

a bright green goblin at a laptop, with messy black hair and a big toothy grin. text to the left reads, 'goblin week!'

day 1 - starting out simple with a bright green lil guy!

a fluffy goblin atop a frog; litter scattered about indicates that the pair is only slightly larger than a soup can. goblin says, let's go! and the frog says, absolutely not. get off.

day 2 - today's goblin has a friend (?)!

a 20x20 unsolved nonogram

day 3 - i've been obsessed with nonograms lately, so of course i had to try my hand at making one. if you don't know how nonograms work, here's a page on them, and if you want to just see the goblin without solving the puzzle, i've got a link for that too!

lineart of an ffxiv goblin dancing in middle la noscea with several karakuls and a goobue in the background

day 4 - after how long it took to get yesterday's nonogram solvable, i thought i'd do something simple and not colored in... and then i thought, "hey, this kinda looks like a coloring page, i should add enough to make it fun to color in!" and it got way more complicated than i intended. that being said, print this one and color it! color it in paint! do whatever you want, as long as you don't delete the signature at the bottom if you post it anywhere :)

unfortunately, after 4 days of goblin week, pokemon: legends arceus came out and no more progress was made u__u